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Our Warranty reflects our total confidence in the quality of our writing instruments. Our pens & pencils are guaranteed against any workmanship defect or mechanical failure for one year. For any required service send the instrument to us and it will be repaired, reconditioned or replaced free of charge and returned to you.

Our Handcrafted Pens & Pencils

Our pens & pencils are special artistic creations, designed for writing comfort, individually free hand turned on a wood lathe using over 65 exotic woods and 20 exotic burls imported from all over the world. These woods are carefully chosen for their beauty, color, grain pattern and durability. Each wood pen is sealed and polished using a special lacquer hand rubbed finish.

We feel confident that you will enjoy the unique feel and natural warmth of your new wood writing instrument.

Refill Instructions & Information

Ball Point Pens

Slimline: These pens use the standard Cross refills which are available in most drug, department or office supply stores. To replace the cartridge, pull the top of the pen straight off. Unscrew the plastic filler tip and pull out. Replace in reverse order.

Designer or European style: These pens use the standard Cross refills which are available in most drug, department or office supply stores. To replace the cartridge, remove the top of the pen by unscrewing it. Then unscrew the plastic fill tip and pull it out. Replace in the reverse order.

Classic style: These pens use the ever popular Parker refills and are available at most drug stores, and all office supply stores. To replace the cartridge, unscrew the top of the pen, and unscrew the cartridge. Replace in reverse order.

Mechanical Pencil

To retract the lead simply hold down on the feed plunger and push the lead in. To refill the pencil, remove the plunger end cap and eraser. Load the tube using either .5 or .7 mm lead. Replace the eraser and the cap. Click the plunger until lead appears.

First aid for the pencil (clogged lead - will not feed): Unscrew nose cone, remove pencil mech. Empty lead from the tube. Stand tube upside down on a hard surface push down on spring loaded tip and use the eraser wire or straight pen to push out the jammed lead.

Fountain Pen & Roller Ball Instructions

To remove the cap: Some pens will have a cap that screws off and other will pull off using gentle pressure.

To change ink cartridge: Carefully unscrew the nib.

For Fountain pens: remove the cartridge and push a new cartridge into place. Some fountain pens use a refill system that allows you to refill by simple placing the nib into an ink reservoir and turning the top to fill the cartridge.

For Roller Balls: Remove the cartridge being careful not to lose the spring. Put new cartridge in and screw the nib back on. Be careful not to over tighten.

Fountain Pen and Roller Ball Refill Information

Fountain Pen: Mont Blanc, Waterman, Pelikan & Rotring cartridges.

Roller Ball: Mont Blanc, Eversharp for Mont Blanc, Schmidt, Uniball Exceed, Pelikan, Rotring, Shaeffer Rolling ball II,"slimline" & Cross Rolling Ball & Porous Point.

To start a fountain pen the first time:

  1. Install cartridge as described above.
  2. Gently squeeze cartridge slowly until ink starts to flow.
  3. Using a soft cloth, wipe off the nib and "wick" ink into it for writing.
  4. Start writing and ink should flow.

Care & First Aid for Fountain Pens:

  1. Use only cool water to flush out your pen nib. If it has dried up then soak the nib in a solution of 2/3 water & 1/3 non-sudsing ammonia and rinse in cold water.
  2. Do not let anyone else use your fountain pen as it has become suited to your hand. Remember that a break in period of 3 to 4 weeks is required.
  3. Always place the cap back on the pen when not in use.
  4. When traveling in an airplane, remove the cartridge as it will leak at high altitudes. If you are filling from a piston style converter, remember to bleed out a couple of drops after filling to insure proper ink flow.
  5. Always use fresh ink.

Wood Finish Care

Occasional waxing using a high quality carnauba wax or a Kiwi neutral shoe polish will help keeping your writing instrument looking good. Apply the wax, let it dry and then buff with a soft cloth.


None of our pens, pencils or letter openers is intended for use by children and should be kept out of their reach. The pointed ends of pens, pencils and letter openers can cause serious injury to a child. The removable caps on pens could represent a choking hazard.

We are confident that you will enjoy your writing instrument as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

The Lawrence Family




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